Painting in automobile production is expensive and not ecological. But a sophisticated paint job can turn a vehicle into an individual piece. EDAG PS seeks balance and combines sustainability, economy and design. Strap on the VR glasses and experience painting from a different perspective.

Virtual Reality and its efficient use in production engineering was just one of the great technology trends of 2018. A customer’s paint shop offered an interesting use case here, because this is where material, technology and design come together. With the VR Paint Shop by EDAG PS it meant: The paint is ready!

Multifaceted from the IAA 2018 to virtual reality

At last year’s IAA for commercial vehicles in Hanover, painting and visualization experts from FEYNSINN presented the virtual training tool for re-finishers: VR-Paintshop. With VR glasses and a real paint sprayer, painting was tested and experienced in the virtual spraying booth. Visitors were particularly impressed by the high degree of realism and integrated feedback system.

Gamification in perfection

This gives real-time feedback on all relevant parameters: paint thickness, spray angle and speed. Compared to conventional training methods, gamification is used here. The user is always motivated and provoked with high scores and challenges – to the perfect result.

Paint and battle playfully in the virtual spraying booth

The paint is far from off

The topic of “paintwork” has not been a concern for painters and colour specialists for some time. Paintwork has become a high-tech product.

With the simulation tool from EDAG PS, it is possible to reproduce the topcoat finish for exterior and interior coating in order to optimise a possible realisation.

The application can be integrated into new and existing paint shops and coupled with available materials handling techniques. Even variable speeds in different stations are no problem.

Control of the colour layers / layers by colour feedback

Colourful paint colours are green

Now you can spray and paint without fog, fumes and dirty hands. This is a clean matter for both the painter and the environment. In the simulation, the thickness of each layer is indicated by different colours. Thus, no paint is wasted and it only has to be reworked where it is necessary. This is economical and ensures consistently high quality.


At the IAA 2018, EDAG PS presented the simulation of coating processes and the VR training tool for field-proven applications that are already being used successfully by BMW. Ultimately, these tools not only make painting processes more flexible, they also make hitherto unknown and difficult-to-implement applications conceivable. To be sure, the solutions are not only interesting for the automotive industry.

Did you miss our presentation at the IAA 2018 and still want to try out our virtual spraying booth or are you faced with the challenge of making your paint shop more progressive and ecological?

Karina Schäfer, our expert for Virtual Engineering, will gladly help you and will be pleased to receive your suggestions and questions.