Projects are becoming more and more complex, but in addition to the necessary skills to maintain an overview, it is also becoming more essential to have specific knowledge in a wide range of subject areas. In many cases, new OEMs in particular do not yet have the special expertise in sheet metal forming at their disposal. They are essential in order to be able to produce impeccable components, as they ultimately have an impact on complete car bodies. An approach to a solution.

If only projects were „just ” complicated

Complexity can be recognized by the fact that the structure and composition of a situation can only be identified after detailed analysis. Complex can be seen as an extension of complicated, because it can become complex when a system is unpredictable and also influenced by several factors.

OEMs have to face similar challenges when evaluating components with regards to their feasibility. The web of relationships between diverse stakeholders is complex and it is important for the success of any project to stabilize this network and at the same time maintain the filigree. In addition, there is a trend towards components becoming increasingly complex. The keywords are high strength steel sheets, aluminium, hot forming and CFRP. These requirements must be evaluated in an ever shorter time. This know-how is difficult to build up for start-ups under time and cost pressure.

A look at the individual part in the sheet metal forming- despite increasing complexity

Today’s demands on materials are increasing. Innovations in the mechanical sector are increasingly pushing the physical limits. A reliable basis must be established where design and individuality are the standards. Therefore, it is becoming more and more essential not only to look at the assembly or the complete body, but to start at an early stage and to have the functioning individual part in the pressing part in focus. As a result, the entire production process must be ensured.

“Front-Loading”, technology for early identification of complexity and development of solutions

EDAG PS’s specialists in forming tools and technologies deal with exactly these tasks and see the ideal solution in front-loading. Front-loading is the increasing fusion of construction and planning processes. This is achieved through intelligent simulations using digital models and calculations, which allow product development to be digitally defined and ensured in advance. All possible situations are clarified so that the client later has a lean, functioning process in production.

Planning is the key to project success

New OEMs have additional challenges: There is a lack of specialists in forming technology who have experience with suppliers. The communication structures in the teams are often immature, which can cause problems that endanger the success of entire projects. That is why our experts analyse the individual potential and the required data in advance, analyze the best possible methods, tools and layout designs, use front-loading for a realistic production – taking strategic considerations into account –  and also advise customers at supplier meetings for future delivery facilities. In this way, the best tool process can be defined for the customer.

EDAG PS has the experience to guide and change project-specific data in the right direction with proven strategies already in early project phases.

A network of experts as one point of contact instead of many

The special benefit of EDAG PS’s support is that the experts succeed in consolidating a wide range of competencies by virtually securing the processes, since all planning parties are under one roof and can thus work in a particularly process-oriented manner. This is where engineering disciplines and social skills meet and reinforce each other in their daily project work. EDAG PS’s open dialogue culture, which is highly valued by clients, contributes to this.

Are you facing the task of having to evaluate many components for your production in a short time, but you do not have the time or money to build up the necessary skills in-house. Would you like your project to be safeguarded to the level of individual parts without having to question its feasibility? Or perhaps you are already earlier in your project planning and would first like to find out at no commitment how you too can benefit from the networked engineering of EDAG PS and where further potential can be raised? Our colleagues Mr. Ralf Pfitzenmaier, Senior Technical Expert Technology Forming Tools, and Mr. Florian Rössler,  Head of Department Technology Forming Tools, are at your disposal as personal contacts.