Disruptive technologies are often underestimated, even smiled at, but often they unfold a huge potential to partially or completely replace existing technologies, products or services in the near or long term. There are enough examples from the past (assembly line), the present (3D printing) or the future (VR / AR) and many times they have turned entire markets upside down.

On February 25-26, the German-speaking industry’s largest event on innovation and innovation strategies will take place for the 8th time in a row in Berlin. The DTIM branch meeting with more than 200 participants is the leading business platform for innovation and technology managers, R&D managers and new business development.

The trade event focuses on the latest Use & Business Cases from the practical experience of user companies and raises important questions about the technical and organizational redesign and reorientation of innovation strategies in the wake of new technological requirements.

EDAG Productions Solutions / FEYNSINN is engaged in two ways at this event: as an interactive morning session and as part of the congress exhibition of an innovative VR application.

Morning Session Lecture: “Where does the use of VR/AR really make sense in production engineering?

Where does the use of VR/AR bring real added value and where is it rather “low-hanging nonsense”? By this topic Andreas Börner, Strategic Business Developer at EDAG Production Solutions / FEYNSINN, wants to initiate a discussion about the benefits of VR/AR and Big Data in production engineering.

We all love buzzwords and phrases. The true cowboys don’t say “ultimately”, but “at the end of the day”. This allows the speaker room for reflection, e.g. you can think about what to say next or go through the shopping list for the late night shopping. The audience on the other hand is yawning – because: Even the coolest and trendiest phrase is worned out at some point. The phrase “low hanging fruits”, including possible “quick wins”, has also taken the transition from the language of consultants to the common language. Andreas Börner therefore presents first-hand reports on real application cases in production engineering for augmented reality and virtual reality and on their requirements, opportunities and risks. In the same tenor he also disenchants “Big Data” and describes concrete use cases, preconditions for a meaningful application as well as existing risks.

The EDAG PS Use Case “VR-Paintshop” makes painting a living experience

Furthermore, as an exhibitor and with our “VR Paintshop”, a virtual training tool for painters, we show that VR applications manage the balancing act between “useful”, “learning” and “playful”. Participants can test-drive the painting process in a virtual spray booth using VR glasses and a real paint spray gun.

You can read more information about the well-received ” VR Paintshop ” in our blog post on the IAA congress 2018 for commercial vehicles. Please contact us!

As well experienced specialists in the area of Big Data Analytics in a production environment we are your qualified partner. Our Head of Production IT Christopher Reuß will be happy to answer any questions you may have via e-mail or phone (0661-6000 75212).

In case you are thinking about the efficient use of VR applications in production engineering, Christoph Huber as project manager for virtual media will be happy to answer your questions or make suggestions via e-mail or phone (0841-9680 1920).