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Safety Engineering Services

EDAG machine safety service

For both liability-related and economic reasons, it is becoming more and more important to take safety-related aspects into account at an early stage.
Requirements increase along with project size, complexity and the number of different technologies used in projects. The EDAG PS "Safety Engineering Services" team has been operating as an independent service provider in the field of machine safety and occupational health and safety for many years now. Its range of services covers the safe implementation of machines and technologies; the creation of new concepts that take into account functional safety requirements in highly complex systems; and support for the operators in all matters relating to occupational health and safety.

Apart from knowledge of legal requirements and current standards, practical solutions are also of particular importance. Innovative, highly complex safety components and concepts call for new evaluations and development strategies. We perform these tasks across the various branches of industry, applying the ideal combination of a major independent engineering company and experts with practical experience.

Taking an inter-divisional view of planning, mechanical systems and control engineering, through to the development of our own purpose-built safe electronics systems, enables us to handle any service volume, from detailed tasks to an integrated safety support service during all stages of the product life cycle.

This makes EDAG PS your safety service provider for anything from small machines to major projects: competent, integrated, independent.

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Functional Safety
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Safety Consulting
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