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Process Planning Body Shop

With more than 2000 implemented projects worldwide, we are the interface between product development and production within the Body Shop. By developing and implementing our V-Model we have a method to avoid interfaces and reduce your coordination effort.

Together with your requirements and our expertise we develop systematically customized process and production solutions, alongside the whole processes chain within the Body Shop, from the product design to the start of production, SOP.

Continuous performance, from small volume CKD facilities to high volume series productions, from manual facilities to highly complex and automated Body Shops as well as from “Greenfield” projects to the integration of derivatives or variants in existent productions.

To achieve your goals successfully, we are consistently supported by

  • our experts from the departments logistics, quality, product costs, safety, design, material flow and robot simulation, production-IT as well as automation,
  • our specialists from the product development and the tooling & assembly department, who are working on the development and realization of innovative technologies, joining technologies and material,
  • the continuous use of methods and tools of the Digital Factory to the point of the virtual commissioning of production lines.

Due to this comprehensive and focused way of working we have the opportunity to achieve, already in the early stages of the project, a high degree of maturity and allow us to make reliable statements concerning feasibility, investments and costs.

Simultaneous Engineering according to our V-Model
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Concept planning and “Greenfield” concepts
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Realization and detailed planning of new production lines
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Integration planning and optimization of existing production lines
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    Michael Weber

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    Michael Weber
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